Member Appreciation 100-Day Share Certificate Promotion!

The Credit Union is pleased to offer the following limited-time-only Member Appreciation Share Certificate Promotion as a special "Thank You" to our members for your continued loyalty and support:

This promotion is available through September 30, 2018.

To apply for our Member Appreciation Share Certificate, please contact one of the following credit union representatives:

Email Caroline Fiore or call 312-499-8858.

Email Elisha Smith or call 312-499-8838.

See current rates 

Share Certificates are a safe and secure instrument for members looking to earn higher rates of dividends savings. A fixed annual percentage yield is paid quarterly and at the term’s end. The rates are higher than on a regular savings account and, historically, have been higher than those offered by area banks.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate.
**APY=Annual Percentage Yield.
***Members who took advantage of any of our previous 100-Day Share Certificate Promotions are exempt from the “new money” stipulation. Restrictions apply. 


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