Credit Card Conversion

Dear Cardholder,

Have you heard the exciting news regarding your Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card? As part of our change to a new credit card processor, we are now able to offer you a more secure credit card. But rest assured, all the features you like best will still be intact, including Online Banking and Visa Purchase Alerts.
Why is Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union switching credit card processors? We are switching to offer you better security and more benefits. Some of the added security and benefits include; automated fraud alerts, online travel notification, improved rewards program, faster balance transfer processing, various digital wallet offerings such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, pay-by-phone and 24/7 support.    
In late September, you will receive a new EMV, chip-enabled Visa Credit Card. This new card will replace your existing card, regardless of the expiration date.  Your new card will have an enhanced design and new card number.
Important Dates:
Your new Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union Credit Card will be in effect October 8, 2017, at 12 a.m. CST. Your current, soon to be old, Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union Credit Card will de-activate on Saturday, October 7, at 11:59 p.m. CST, and all new transactions on that card will be declined going forward. The transition will be seamless: you will have the new card in your possession well before your old card de-activates. The conversion from one card to the next will happen within a one-minute time frame. There will be no disruption of service. To activate your new card, please call 800-631-3197 from the primary phone number on your account. You may be asked a few security questions based on the primary card holder's information. To set up a PIN for your new card, please call 888-886-0083 after October 7.
Recurring Charges:
Please note: If you have any pre-authorized or recurring debits (health club, insurance, subscriptions services, cable, utilities, etc.) linked to your existing card, you will need to update those merchants with your new card number, security code and expiration date.
Same low-non-variable APR*:
Although your credit card number is changing, your regular interest rate will remain the same. All current credit cardholders will keep the current non-variable APR*.
Payment Due Date:
With the change to a new processor comes a new "Payment Due Date," which is based off your current schedule. Please see the new due dates below:

Current Payment Date New Payment Due Date
1st 1st
10th 11th
21st 21st
26th 27th

We are very excited to introduce this new Visa Credit Card Platform, which will only add to the many benefits already in place with our robust collection of low-rate non-variable Visa Credit Card options.
Again, please note that there will be no interruption of use to your credit card. You may continue to use your existing card through Saturday, October 7, at 11:59 p.m. CST and the new card will be ready to activate and use after 12:00 a.m. CST on October 8. If you have any questions during the conversion weekend, please call 
855-887-9759; a representative will be able to assist you 24/7.
We will continue to keep you updated on this credit card conversion throughout the entire process.
If you have any questions about your new Visa Credit Card, please click here to review the frequently asked questions regarding this conversion. 
As always, we are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to call us at 800-326-8814 or stop in any of our branch locations.
Thank you for carrying and using your Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card! We look forward to continuing a lifetime relationship with you.
Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate


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