Enter To Win a $500 Educational Scholarship

Investing in YOUth!

Investing for the future starts and ends with wise money management skills learned early on and practiced throughout one's lifetime. A major component to accomplishing this goal is the understanding of thrift - saving funds for future use.

As education is the cornerstone of financial literacy, and the reason behind our Financial Planning and Education Center, the credit union proudly introduces the inaugural Educational Scholarship Program, which blends our signature Savings Account with the opportunity to win a $500 Scholarship for members 22 years of age or younger.


Program specifics are as follows:

As a "True Blue Family Business," we pride ourselves on working with members through the various stages of your lives, from childhood through retirement. As your lives evolve, so do your financial needs. While we are always here to help you every step of the way, we aim to educate and empower you to gain the understanding you need to take advantage of our many products and services. There is no better way to do this than to start early, practice often, and make saving a habit, which is exactly what we hope to accomplish with this program.

Scholarship money is designated for the winner’s next academic term. If the winner is not yet in high school or is taking time off before entering college, the money will be held by the credit union until enrollment is confirmed by submission of class schedule to CPFCU. Graduate and Trade School students are not eligible for this scholarship. The Scholarship money will be paid by the credit union directly to the winners’ confirmed educational institution enrollment office or, if the institution is free, to the legal guardian of the winner. Children and relatives of Credit Union employees and independent contractors are not eligible to participate in the Scholarship Program.

Scholarship eligibility is based on aspiring new members 22 years old or younger, who are eligible for credit union membership (click here to check eligibility and to join), and existing credit union members age 22 or younger.Members who have existing accounts with the credit union must add a minimum of $10 to their current balance in order to qualify for the scholarship.

All completed entry forms must be received at the credit union by 5 p.m. CST on June 30, 2017.





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