Standard Checking

Our Standard Free* Checking Account features:

In addition, you can deposit funds into your Checking Account through direct deposit, payroll deduction, any full-service ATM, in person, or by mail. 

Don’t wait any longer to make the switch to Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union. Simply call the credit union at 312-726-8814 and our Call Center will direct you to a representative that will handle the process from beginning to end.

Debit Card Alerts & Notifications

Receive a text message or e-mail when your card is used.

Set custom alerts for transaction types and dollar amounts for:

You may change your alert preferences at any time. Get started!

Re-order checks for your Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union Checking Account.

Routing and Transit Number/ABA Number 271078146

Did you know that you can send your direct deposit directly to the Credit Union? Simply print and fill out our Direct Deposit Form and return it to your employer. 

See current rates.


Before you go out of town, make sure to fill out the Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union's Travel Exemption form

This convenient form is located under “Tools & Education”. Send us a travel notification  (at least 2 days before your departure date)

Completing this form will help prevent your Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union's debit/credit cards from being blocked by letting us know to expect transactions outside of the U.S.

*Must opt out of paper statements, otherwise, $2 monthly fee applies. Members age 55 and over, business, organization, high school, estate, trust, and youth membership accounts are exempt from $2 fee.

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