Write Your Own Ticket Auto Loan Program

Make purchasing a car easier with our great rates, fast application process, and a Write Your Own Ticket check that you can take right to the dealership.*

How It Works:

  1. Apply for a Write Your Own Ticket Auto Loan online, by phone or at any branch location.
  2. If approved, we’ll schedule you for a loan appointment right away. You don’t need to know what vehicle you’ll be getting, because we will provide you with a “blank” check.
  3. Take your Write Your Own Ticket check to the dealer of your choice and shop with the confidence of a cash buyer!

Your Write Your Own Ticket check can be used at any licensed dealer located in the state where you will be titling the vehicle, to purchase a new vehicle for up to 60 days after you receive the check.

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*There is a $50 fee for all auto loans. 

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